Molly Senior Photo Shoot

This girl is fearless.

Okay, so she has a thing about heights, and her mom and I did kind of force her to stand on the edge of a cliff for some of her senior photos last week…but only for a moment! And her daddy was nearby to…well…watch her fall off if the wind caught her.

If one thing has been consistent in my experience as a high school senior photographer over the last 11 years here in Bandera County, it’s that every shoot is a wholly new, unique, fun adventure.

Molly is a riot, a young woman unafraid of having fun and going the extra mile in style and smiles to make the best photos possible. We did a split shoot, half studio and half location, and she rocked both to the fullest. Her joyous personality is evident in every image.

As T.I. sings, “You can have whatever you like.” If you have a vision or ideas for your senior photo shoot, I will move heaven and earth to help make them a reality. If you have no idea what you want, we’ll talk it out, come up with some fun ideas, and let the spirit of adventure carry us. Molly’s mom was an incredible help throughout our shoot, with great visual ideas and the eye for details that only a mom has.

E-mail me, Facebook me, tweet me, or call/text me at 830-688-1564 to set up your senior photo shoot – it’s never too late to make great photos and lifelong memories!

Below, enjoy some of my favorite highlights from my shoot with the lovely Miss Molly.

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