Kinlee, Nicole, Eric Family Photo Shoot


Kinlee is the sweet two-year-old daughter of my newspaper coworker Nicole and her hubby, Eric.

I have a two-year-old boy myself, and it was really fun to see how different boys and girls act in front of the camera. Oddly, my boy is a complete ham who won’t stop saying “cheese,” and Kinlee was all about getting tickled and playing with mommy and daddy.

I’ve been taking photos of Kinlee since she was born, and she’s always been just lovely in front of the camera. As you can tell from these highlights, she’s growing into that mischevious toddler grin. Love it.

The little boy in the last photo is the son (Kenai) of my other coworker, Jessica. Both came along to enjoy this shoot, and running around in his overalls looking “all boy” by the Medina River, I couldn’t pass on this top-down snapshot.

Thanks guys for letting me shoot some family photos with you down at Ranger’s Crossing!

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