Kelley Family Photo Shoot


I met Amber while my kids and I were toodling around Babies R Us one day.. her little girl Savanna was in her car seat there in the stroller, and I saw her little feet just a-kickin’.. I stopped and said hello, only to peek in and see the most adorable head of hair I’ve ever seen on a baby!
My little girl and Amber’s little boy really hit it off, and ended up holding hands and walking through the aisles while Amber and I shook our heads and laughed. I knew she would be awesome and of course asked her to bring the kids in.. She brought the hubby, and all three kids – we did some studio and some location in this terrific field I’ve been dying to try out, and the Kelly Family was just perfect for it too! I’m so glad we met, and I hope they come back in again for Savanna’s birthday, when the time comes!

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